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Dr Manel Torres founded Fabrican in 2003 as a result of his research interest, crossing the disciplines of science and design.  Aware of the slow process of constructing garments from his background in fashion, Manel investigated novel ways to speed up this process. He imagined a material that would almost magically fit the body like a second skin and at the same time have the appearance of clothing.  With the realization of that concept in a sprayable fabric from an aerosol can, Fabrican was born.

The original concept was to utilise © Spray-on fabric in the fashion industry.  However, the technology proved so versatile that industry demand brought its potential to life in many market sectors.  Initially based in labs at Imperial College London, Fabrican moved to the London Bioscience Innovation Centre.

Fabrican is focused on research and development of its © Spray-on fabric to bring its revolutionary properties and application technique to new market sectors.  As a technology innovation company, Fabrican's mission is to develop products or manufacturing processes, in collaboration with industry-leading partners, enabling them to capitalise on the unique benefits of Spray-on fabric technology for industrial or domestic applications.

TED Vienna

Published on 9 Dec 2013

Dr. Manel Torres BA (Hons), MA (RCA), Ph.D (RCA), is the inventor of the spray-on fabric technology. He is the founder and Managing Director of Fabrican Ltd and is the first fashion designer to create an instant dress. His eclectic background and experience allows him to divide his time between being an academic visitor at the world-renowned Imperial College London, and continuing his career as a talented designer. Manel is a consultant to various areas of the fashion and scientific industries, and lectures across Europe and internationally.

TED Imperial College

Published on 26 Apr 2012

Fabrican is an instant fabric dispensed from an aerosol or spray gun. It forms a non woven material as soon as it comes into contact with a solid surface, including human skin. Manel Torres is developing spray-on Fabric as a multi-functional product which is simple and easy to use. The possible applications are limited only by the imagination of the users.


Published on 1 Jun 2012

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