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Fabrican’s patented spray-on fabric technology starts as a liquid suspension which is sprayed by a spray gun or an aerosol can.  The fabric is formed by the cross-linking of fibers which adhere to each other and to the surface sprayed to create an instant non-woven fabric. The versatility of a sprayable fabric coating that seamlessly conforms to any shape removes technical and economic barriers to offering consumers customized products. Fabrican’s spray technology enable producers to readily vary products’ physical properties (shape, size, texture, colour—even scent) to suit each customer’s specification, without the need for re-tooling or stocking different grades of material. Fabrican uses different types of fibers, from natural to synthetic, including keratin fibers such as wool and mohair, cotton, nylon, cellulose, and carbon nanofibres.

Fabrican is the product of interdisciplinary research, linking the subjects of engineering, material science and design. The commercial development of products and manufacturing processes is underway, and the technology is licensed to global brands in several commercial sectors.

Fabrican is at the forefront of innovations in material science, developing smart fabrics incorporating nano-technology, “second skin” for the medical and cosmetic industries, and sprayable conductive fabrics to interface with wearable technology.  Spray-on fabrics liberate product and apparel designers from the constraints imposed by the need for cutting to size, stitching, and fitting of traditional materials.

Electrically conductive spray

Technology 1

Electrically conductive spray 2017 © Photographer Fabrican

Spray-on directly on skin

Technology 2

Instant Fabric for Discovery Channel 2013 © Photographer Fabrican

Spray-on bottles

Technology 3

Fabrican Ltd 2015 © Photographer Fabrican

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