Industrial Application

Fabrican’s spray-on fabric technology applies instant, non-woven fabrics to car interior surfaces where lightweight, durable, and stain-resistant fabrics are required.  Under the hood and among the mechanicals, Fabrican can isolate and protect components, secure wiring with heat-resistant lightweight coatings applied by spray.

Fabrican’s unique spray-on application method liberates automotive interior designers from the constraints of conventional forms; mated with robotic sprayers, Fabrican can create multi-purpose fabrics and coatings with different characteristics by adjusting liquid components and/or reprogramming.  The technology offers automotive manufacturers significant efficiency benefits through fewer manufacturing steps, fewer intermediaries, a much faster process, and a reduction in labour costs. .

For fleet operators and private motorists, applications include upholstery or interior renovation and repair to give a fresh new look to the vehicle.

  • Car interior, dashboards, seats, door panels, headliner;
  • Customisation or adaptation by trade professionals or private individuals.

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