Industrial and Consumer Applications

Fabrican’s technology has a multitude of applications for household use.  As a manufacturing process, Fabrican can create wallcoverings, carpets, lampshades, and upholstery fabrics.  The uniqueness of the spray-on technique enables the creation  of innovative shapes, varying thicknesses, and biomimetic forms in an economical manner..  In this way Fabrican can “power” a new wave of accessible and individual design, the realisation of mass customisation

For the consumer, a hand-held aerosol décor product will enable personalization of fabrics in the home.  Old items of furniture can be renewed, and colors can be changed to suit the homeowner’s mood.  Artists and home users will be able to use spray-on fabrics to create organic forms and one-of-a-kind designs.


Fabrican Ltd 2007 designed by Renee Kirchenwitz

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