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Fabrican is offering a new approach to the application of fabrics throughout our everyday lives. Spray-on Fabric is a patented technology developed by Fabrican which involves the creation of a liquid suspension which is then sprayed by use of either a spray gun or an aerosol can. The fabric is formed by the cross-linking of fibres which adhere to create an instant non-woven fabric that can be easily sprayed on to any surface. Its properties can be tailored to meet the needs of the consumer. Intricate patterns can be created, in a number of colours leading to an aesthetically pleasing fabric. With our prototypes we have been able to use different types of fibres from natural to synthetic, incorporating scents and colours (from primary to fluorescent) that provide great flexibility for modern consumer and industrial needs.

The product was developed through interdisciplinary research, linking the subjects of engineering, material science and design. The commercial exploitation of robust prototypes is underway, potentially licensing the technology to industry within a number of identified commercial sectors.

Innovations in material science, such as smart fabrics incorporating nano-technology, Spray-on skin used by the medical and cosmetic industry, and the variety of substances able to be dispensed through today's aerosol technology, have informed and surrounded the development of Spray-on Fabric. As a non-woven material, Spray-on Fabric offers possibilities for binding, lining, repairing, layering, covering and moulding in ways previously not imaginable.

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© Fabrican Ltd 2007



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2011 - Gold Medal, "Science in Style, Spray-On Fabric Fashion Show", awarded by the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education 2010 - Named...

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European Aerosol Forum, Rome 2010 Guest Speaker, Ajuntament de Tornabous, Tornabous, Spain, 2010 Guest Speaker, Cajastur y la Ciencia,...

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