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About Fabrican spray-on fabric ©

A technology for industrial innovation

About Fabrican spray-on fabric ©

Fabrican makes life more convenient, healthier and fun with its unique spray-on fabric ©

Fabrican aims to make life more convenient, healthier and fun with its unique spray-on fabric ©

Our technology can be used across many industries, positively impacting the lives of millions of people, while benefitting the environment.

From spray-on clothes, to spray-on medical patches, to spray-on hygiene wipes (plus many more uses!), Fabrican is developing products with real benefits.

Fabrican Limited is a company exploring inter-disciplinary research, linking the worlds of science and design.

Our team is dedicated to meeting the needs of consumers with creative ideas and innovative products, through the development of new applications for spray-on fabric © technology.

Our unique concepts have captured the imagination of major worldwide manufacturers, who are now incorporating Spray-on fabric into their production facilities and product lines.  The versatility of Fabrican’s spray-on fabric © technology heralds a new era in twenty-first century mass customization.

Aerosol can

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Fabrican starts as a liquid suspension which is sprayed by a spray gun or an aerosol can.

Spray gun

Fabrican spray gun
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Fabrican can be sprayed out of spray gun straight onto the wearer or a mold.

Robotic spray

Robotic spray heads
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A single robotic sprayer can create multiple products with different characteristics.