Ethical & environmental
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Ethical and Environmental

Sustainable and Innovative

Ethical and Environmental

Fabrican’s objective is to use only sustainable materials reducing Environmental Impact

Fabrican’s ethos is to provide industry with production processes that reduce environmental impact.  Fabrican technology compresses the industrial supply chain, making it more efficient, and reduces reliance on overseas component suppliers, thereby reducing its carbon footprint.  Working with greener, non-volatile organic compounds, Fabrican’s spray-on fabric technology uses non-ozone-depleting substances.  For consumer products, we work with non-flammable propellants with the lowest global warming potential of 1 (equivalent to CO2), as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Fabrican primarily uses fibres recycled from discarded clothes and other fabrics. The technology can also utilise biodegradable fibres and binders in place of fossil-based polymers to reduce the carbon footprint of material and manufacturing. Once used, Fabrican materials can be redissolved and reused, or disposed of for biological degradation into simple molecules under industrial composting conditions.

Consumers can purchase goods made with Fabrican in the knowledge that spray-on fabric technology supports every aspect of the repair, reuse, recycle philosophy:

  • Spray-on coatings can be used to repair and refresh damaged or worn materials in the home, extending product life.
  • With suitable production facilities (to capture and re-condense solvents), manufacturers can re-use all components of Fabrican, liquid and solid, reducing consumption of raw materials, energy demand, and waste.
  • The chemistry that creates solid materials from a liquid suspension means that at the end of their useful life, sprayed fabrics can be re-dissolved and sprayed anew.
  • Lower capital requirement promotes local production, reducing both reliance on overseas suppliers and carbon emissions from environmentally unfriendly container shipping.

Fabrican is committed to developing more sustainable methods of manufacturing, from sourcing of raw materials and utilising energy-efficient technologies. Our mission is to create greener products to support a circular green economy.

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