Fabrican fashion
Instant Flowers Fabrican Moscow design week 2011 picture by © Moscow Design Week 2011


From dream… to reality


Chic, Unique, Magique – Couture in a can!

The initial idea for Spray-on fabric © was born from Manel Torres’ experience in the fashion industry. These photos capture the essence of science and fashion in collaboration. Fabrican Spray-on fabric © will free designers to create new and unique garments, offer a carrier technology for delivery of fragrance or even medically active substances, and allow the wearer to personalise their wardrobe in infinite combinations. New textures and material characteristics can be achieved by adjusting the chemical composition. In addition to fashion, the technology provides new horizons, offering sprayable material for any application requiring a fabric coating.

The technology opens new possibilities for personalised fashion, allowing individual touches to be added to manufactured garments, or even impromptu alterations. Chic clothing could incorporate fragrances, active constituents, or conductive materials to interface with information technology. After a decade of research, this futuristic vision is taking shape.

Fabrican is a rare achievement in transforming a dream to reality. Combining an innate passion for Spray-on fabric ©, and Manel’s unique ability to drive multi-disciplinary collaboration, Fabrican has generated interest and attracted worldwide media coverage.

Advantages and Uses

Advantages for bespoke fashion creations:

  • Accelerates up the traditional way of constructing garments
  • Repairing and recycling old clothes
  • Drawing with fibres
  • 3D sketch tool
  • Seamless garments
  • General binding, lining, repairing, covering and moulding

Uses for general consumers:

  • Customising clothing with patterns/frills/etc
  • Extending clothing e.g., t-shirts can be converted into dresses
  • Customisation for practicality – e.g., creating additional pockets
  • Clothing containing UV protection such as bikini tops and t-shirts
  • Reflective material that can be used to create high-visibility patches for cyclists etc

A new approach to sportswear manufacture

Fabrican’s sprayable fabric technology, in combination with robotic spray technology offers an innovative method of manufacturing sportswear apparel. The technology facilitates the manufacture of seamless sportswear garments, accommodating creating of complex shapes and an array of designs and colours without the need for expensive or complex retooling.

Plant-origin leather

Fabrican’s unique spray fabric technology enables the manufacture of synthetic leather comprised of natural fibres and bio-origin binders. This plant-based leather has a suede-like texture and provides an attractive and comfortable alternative to animal-derived leather. Its manufacturing process obviates the need for environmentally damaging large-scale livestock rearing for animal hides.

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