Skin screen-material protector, Touch sensitive-nano transfer, Sustainable and sterile from a sealed point of application

Given developments in the pharma/biotech industry, and the flexible adhesive properties of Fabrican’s technology, we are looking at several new and exciting applications, including:

  • New types of patches
  • Wound healing products
  • Dressings, bandages and casts
  • Slow release systems
  • Many other innovative uses
Transparent film

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Casts and Bandages

Fabrics can be produced in varying degrees of durability and toughness to accommodate uses such as wound dressings, bandages and casts. Other applications will be discovered by specialist user groups, as Fabrican is adaptable and flexible.

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Transdermal Drug Delivery

Transdermal drug delivery is a system of administering drugs through patches placed on the skin. The most commonly known form is the nicotine patch. Transdermal delivery has many advantages over other drug delivery systems, such as:

  • Controlled release of the drug into the patient
  • Enables a steady blood-level profile
  • Reduces systemic side effects (less stress on internal organs such as the liver and the stomach)
  • Non invasive drug delivery system

Using Spray on Fabrics for patches combines traditional advantages with the aesthetic sensibilities of Fabrican.

Patients are be able to choose a spray that matches their skin tone to better hide the patch, making them less self conscious about using the product.

They could alternatively choose bright colours and apply a design of their own choosing, coordinating the patch with their own personal fashion and style.

When samples were made the concentration in the patches was comparable to standard nicotine patches (delivery of 10 micro grams).

There was no detrimental effect on the performance of the spray or the quality of the final fabric.

Hygiene Covers

Fabrican may also be used to create waterproof, yet flexible and soft coverings. In this respect it is an ideal system for hospitals, hospices, hotels, or anywhere that has lots of beds. Benefits in this scenario are the strength and hard wearing attributes of Fabrican.

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